Groveland Farm Shop

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Welcome to Groveland Farms

Apple Juice

100% pure, pressed apples from our own orchards, available to buy online.

Our apples have been picked and produced by us, so we know that we can guarantee its quality and great taste,take a look and see how many varieties of apple juice we produce.

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Groveland's Orchards

Aldborough and Roughton Orchards.

Groveland have been growing apples for over 15 years, covering over 30 acres. We are currently expanding our orchard in Roughton to accomodate the growing demand in apples and our own produced apple juice.

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Groveland Farms

Groveland Farms - Felbrigg, Banningham, Roughton and Australia!

Groveland farm's approx 600 acres in the North Norfolk area. 350 acres of grassland are grazed by our cattle including the scenic settings of Sheringham Park and Wolterton Park.

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